Of all the complaints i shouted, the laughters escaped, being overly excited over everything, functioning as the person in charge in every events held and when everyone seems to be fooled by my soft nature, i am just a minor girl running around in my old green flipper wherever i go, across the court, to the musolla, along the blocks with confidence and giving everyone my best smile that i can manage and now its time for me to take my leave. The me that you used to see will just stay as a memory trapped in the past leaving traces around the school disguised in illusions. No more green flipper flashing across the blocks and everywhere, running like a flying ghost across the court in telekung, no more. Bye kolej islam im moving on to the next phase of life, despite the heavy feeling. Thank you for all the good memories from deep within, the connections i made, the odds and ends, the tears and laughters and the life I learnt. I will miss the time lapse when i was trapped in the time machine, being abducted to this land of waqafan. Yes i will do even the pang of leaving seems to slap me in the face earlier than expected, that realisation that this day will definitely come. and I will remember, especially the feeling of tranquility at the most sacred place here, the musolla, no doubt, everyone agreed. and yes the time have come for this barakah college to have replacements for the future and meant-to-be generations. may در المصطفى still shines in many years to come.

me ((officially alkis))

My Story Is Base On The True One

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